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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 3. Being / c. Becoming

[transition from being to existence]

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The one was and is and will be and was becoming and is becoming and will become [Plato]
To become rational, philosophers must rise from becoming into being [Plato]
The apprehensions of reason remain unchanging, but reasonless sensation shows mere becoming [Plato]
Before the existence of the world there must have been being, space and becoming [Plato]
The dialectical opposition of being and nothing is resolved in passing to the concept of becoming [Hegel, by Scruton]
Being is only perceptible to itself as becoming [Schelling]
Nietzsche resists nihilism through new values, for a world of becoming, without worship [Nietzsche, by Critchley]
We Germans value becoming and development more highly than mere being of what 'is' [Nietzsche]
The nature of being, of things, is much easier to understand than is becoming [Nietzsche]
Bergson was a rallying point, because he emphasised becomings and multiplicities [Bergson, by Deleuze]
There is no being beyond becoming [Deleuze]