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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 3. Being / f. Primary being

[concept of a mode of being prior to all others]

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Parmenides at least saw Being as the same as Nous, and separate from the sensed realm [Parmenides, by Plotinus]
Anaxagoras's concept of supreme Mind has a simple First and a multiple One [Anaxagoras, by Plotinus]
Plato's Parmenides has a three-part theory, of Primal One, a One-Many, and a One-and-Many [Plato, by Plotinus]
Being depends on the Good, which is not itself being, but superior to being [Plato]
Primary being must be more than mere indeterminate ultimate subject of predication [Politis on Aristotle]
The three main candidates for primary being are particular, universal and essence; essence is the answer [Aristotle, by Politis]
Primary being is either universals, or the basis of predication, or essence [Aristotle, by Politis]
Non-primary beings lack essence, or only have a derived essence [Aristotle, by Politis]
Primary being is both the essence, and the subject of predication [Aristotle, by Politis]
Primary being ('proté ousia') exists in virtue of itself, not in relation to other things [Aristotle, by Politis]
Being is the product of pure intellect [Plotinus]
The One does not exist, but is the source of all existence [Plotinus]
The One is a principle which transcends Being [Plotinus]
Being is basic to thought, and all other concepts are additions to being [Aquinas]
Being posits essence, and my essence is my being [Feuerbach]