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27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 2. Electrodynamics / a. Electrodynamics

[general principles of electromagnetism]

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Electric fields have four basic laws (two by Gauss, one by Ampère, one by Faraday) [Close]
Light isn't just emitted in quanta called photons - light is photons [Close]
Electro-magnetic waves travel at light speed - so light is electromagnetism! [Close]
In QED, electro-magnetism exists in quantum states, emitting and absorbing electrons [Close]
In general relativity the energy and momentum of photons subjects them to gravity [Close]
Photon exchange drives the electro-magnetic force [Close]
The interference of light through two slits confirmed that it is waves [Watson]
Electron emit and reabsorb photons, which create and reabsorb virtual electrons and positrons [Martin,BR]
Light moves at a constant space-time speed, but its direction is in neither space nor time [New Sci.]
Photons have zero rest mass, so virtual photons have infinite range [New Sci.]
Quantum electrodynamics incorporates special relativity and quantum mechanics [New Sci.]
Photons are B and W° bosons, linked by the Higgs mechanism [Hesketh]
Spinning electric charge produces magnetism, so all fermions are magnets [Hesketh]