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14. Science / B. Scientific Theories / 2. Aim of Science

[what science is trying to achieve, in general]

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Science must clear away the idols of the mind if they are ever going to find the truth [Bacon]
Theories are practical tools for progress, not answers to enigmas [James]
Science aims to find uniformities to which (within the limits of experience) there are no exceptions [Russell]
Good theories have empirical content, explain a lot, and are not falsified [Popper, by Newton-Smith]
Science aims at truth, not at 'simplicity' [Putnam]
Science aims to explain things, not just describe them [Ellis]
Science investigates the nature and constitution of things or substances [Harré/Madden]
We prefer the theory which explains and predicts the powers and capacities of particulars [Harré/Madden]
To accept a scientific theory, we only need to believe that it is empirically adequate [Fraassen]
A theory need not be true to be good; it should just be true about its physical aspects [Yablo]
Science is sometimes said to classify powers, neglecting qualities [Heil]
We want illuminating theories, rather than coherent theories [Le Poidevin]
A theory which doesn't fit nature is unexplanatory, even if it is true [Sider]
Empiricist theories are sets of laws, which give explanations and reductions [Glennan]
Science has to abstract out the subjective attributes of things, focusing on what is objective [Aho]