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12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 2. Qualities in Perception / d. Secondary qualities

[qualities seeming to involve the observer]

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Some objects of sensation are unique to one sense, where deception is impossible [Aristotle]
Some knowledge is lost if you lose a sense, and there is no way the knowledge can be replaced [Aristotle]
Epicurus says colours are relative to the eye, not intrinsic to bodies [Epicurus, by Plutarch]
Non-graspable presentations are from what doesn't exist, or are not clear and distinct [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
Changes in secondary qualities are caused by changes in primary qualities [Giles of Orleans]
Heat and colour don't exist, so cannot mislead about the external world [Galileo, by Tuck]
Tastes, odours and colours only reside in consciousness, and would disappear with creatures [Galileo]
Our sensation of light may not be the same as what produces the sensation [Descartes]
Boyle's term 'texture' is not something you feel, but is unobservable structures of particles [Boyle, by Alexander,P]
Boyle's secondary qualities are not illusory, or 'in the mind' [Boyle, by Alexander,P]
In my view Locke's 'textures' are groups of corpuscles which are powers (rather than 'having' powers) [Locke, by Alexander,P]
I suspect that Locke did not actually believe colours are 'in the mind' [Locke, by Heil]
Secondary qualities are simply the bare powers of an object [Locke]
We know objects by perceptions, but their qualities don't reveal what it is we are perceiving [Leibniz]
Colours and tastes are not qualities of things, but alterations of the subject [Kant]
I can make no sense of the red experience being similar to the quality in the object [Kant]
Armstrong suggests secondary qualities are blurred primary qualities [Armstrong, by Robinson,H]
Secondary qualities are microscopic primary qualities of physical things [Armstrong]
Lockean secondary qualities (unlike primaries) produce particular sensory experiences [McGinn]
Could there be a mind which lacked secondary quality perception? [McGinn]
Secondary qualities contain information; their variety would be superfluous otherwise [McGinn]
The utility theory says secondary qualities give information useful to human beings [McGinn]
If objects are not coloured, and neither are sense-contents, we are left saying that nothing is coloured [Robinson,H]
Shape can be experienced in different ways, but colour and sound only one way [Robinson,H]
If secondary qualities match senses, would new senses create new qualities? [Robinson,H]
Phenol-thio-urea tastes bitter to three-quarters of people, but to the rest it is tasteless, so which is it? [Crane]
Secondary qualities are just primary qualities considered in the light of their effect on us [Heil]
Colours aren't surface properties, because of radiant sources and the colour of the sky [Heil]
Although colour depends on us, we can describe the world that way if it picks out fundamentals [Fine,K]
The colour bands of the spectrum arise from our biology; they do not exist in the physics [Sorensen]
The taste of chocolate is a 'finer-grained' sensation than the taste of sweetness [Polger]