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12. Knowledge Sources / A. A Priori Knowledge / 3. Innate Knowledge / c. Tabula rasa

['blank page' - minds begin with no knowledge]

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The intellect has potential to think, like a tablet on which nothing has yet been written [Aristotle]
Stoics say we are born like a blank sheet of paper; the first concepts on it are sensations [Stoic school, by Ps-Plutarch]
At birth the soul is a blank sheet ready to be written on [Stoic school, by Aetius]
If the soul were a tabula rasa, with no innate ideas, there could be no moral goodness or justice [Cudworth]
The senses first let in particular ideas, which furnish the empty cabinet [Locke]
The mind is white paper, with no writing, or ideas [Locke]
The mind is a blank page, on which only experience can write [Locke]
What is left of the 'blank page' if you remove the ideas? [Leibniz]