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13. Knowledge Criteria / B. Internal Justification / 4. Foundationalism / d. Rational foundations

[reson is the foundation for knowledge]

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A presentation is true if we judge that no false presentation could appear like it [Zeno of Citium, by Cicero]
Our thoughts are either dependent, or self-evident. All thoughts seem to end in the self-evident [Leibniz]
Justifications show the ordering of truths, and the foundation is what is self-evident [Frege, by Jeshion]
Some features of a thought are known directly, but others must be inferred [Sosa]
A priori justification requires understanding but no experience [Bonjour]
You can't explain away a priori justification as analyticity, and you can't totally give it up [Bonjour]
A priori justification can vary in degree [Bonjour]
Reason cannot be an ultimate foundation, because rational justification requires prior beliefs [Pollock/Cruz]