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15. Nature of Minds / C. Capacities of Minds / 6. Idealisation

[simplifiying experiences to make them precise and clear]

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Science is more accurate when it is prior and simpler, especially without magnitude or movement [Aristotle]
No one denies that a line has width, but we can just attend to its length [Arnauld,A/Nicole,P]
Desire for perfection is an illness, if it turns against what is imperfect [Novalis]
The point of models in theories is not to idealise, but to focus on what is essential [Ellis]
Idealisation idealises all of a thing's properties, but abstraction leaves some of them out [Harré]
Idealisation trades off accuracy for simplicity, in varying degrees [Kitcher]
Science idealises the earth's surface, the oceans, continuities, and liquids [Maddy]