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25. Society / C. Political Doctrines / 5. Democracy / b. Consultation

[government's consultation, by plebiscite or election]

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The first priority in elections is to vote for people who support democracy [Anon (Diss)]
Voting should be public, so the lower classes can be influenced by the example of notable people [Montesquieu]
The fundamental laws of a democracy decide who can vote [Montesquieu]
It is basic to a democracy that the people themselves must name their ministers [Montesquieu]
All citizens (apart from the very humble poor) should choose their representatives [Montesquieu]
Plebiscites are bad, because they exclude the leaders from crucial decisions [Rousseau]
Silence of the people implies their consent [Rousseau]
Democratic elections are dangerous intervals in government [Rousseau]
If we want the good life for the greatest number, we must let them decide on the good life [Nietzsche]
A referendum result arises largely from ignorance [Reybrouck]