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25. Society / B. The State / 6. Government / a. Government

[basic elements of a controlling social group]

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People are hard to govern because authorities love to do things [Lao Tzu]
If a government is to be preserved, it must first be loved [Montesquieu]
A government has a legislature, an international executive, and a domestic executive [Montesquieu]
Society prefers helpful lies to harmful truth [Hume]
The state has a legislature and an executive, just like the will and physical power in a person [Rousseau]
Law makers and law implementers should be separate [Rousseau]
Individuals often do things better than governments [Mill]
People govern for the pleasure of it, or just to avoid being governed [Nietzsche]
What is the function of a parliament? Does it even constitute a part of the State structure? [Gramsci]
The big question of the Renaissance was how to govern everything, from the state to children [Foucault]
'Separation of powers' allows legislative, executive and judicial functions to monitor one another [Wolff,J]