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25. Society / B. The State / 2. State Legitimacy / d. Social contract

[power derived from agreement among citizens]

27 ideas
After a taste of mutual harm, men make a legal contract to avoid it [Plato]
A law is not just if it is not useful in mutual associations [Epicurus]
The Second Treatise explores the consequences of the contractual view of the state [Locke, by Scruton]
A society only begins if there is consent of all the individuals to join it [Locke]
If anyone enjoys the benefits of government (even using a road) they give tacit assent to its laws [Locke]
A politic society is created from a state of nature by a unanimous agreement [Locke]
The idea that society rests on consent or promises undermines obedience [Hume]
We no more give 'tacit assent' to the state than a passenger carried on board a ship while asleep [Hume]
The people would be amazed to learn that government arises from their consent [Hume]
The social order is a sacred right, but based on covenants, not nature [Rousseau]
The government is instituted by a law, not by a contract [Rousseau]
Kant made the social contract international and cosmopolitan [Kant, by Oksala]
Personal contracts are for some end, but a civil state contract involves a duty to share [Kant]
There must be a unanimous contract that citizens accept majority decisions [Kant]
A contract is theoretical, but it can guide rulers to make laws which the whole people will accept [Kant]
Society isnít founded on a contract, since contracts presuppose a society [Hegel, by Scruton]
Power is only legitimate if it is reasonable for free equal citizens to endorse the constitution [Rawls]
Social contracts assume equal powers among the participants [Nussbaum]
Social contract theories are usually rejected because there never was such a contract [Kymlicka]
Just visiting (and using roads) is hardly ratifying the Constitution [Sandel]
The benefits of social freedom outweigh the loneliness, doubt and alienation it brings [Scruton]
For utilitarians, consent to the state is irrelevant, if it produces more happiness [Wolff,J]
Social contract theory has the attracton of including everyone, and being voluntary [Wolff,J]
Maybe voting in elections is a grant of legitimacy to the winners [Wolff,J]
A social contract limits the pursuit of justice to members of a single society [Sen]
Social contracts and markets have made society seem disconnected and artificial [Aho]
Hypothetical contracts have no binding force [Swift]