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25. Society / D. Social Rights / 3. Social Equality / d. Economic equality

[extent to which citizens have roughly equal wealth]

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Does nature imply that it is right for better people to have greater benefits? [Plato]
Phaleas proposed equality of property, provided there is equality of education [Aristotle]
All value depends on the labour involved [Locke]
Some equality can be achieved by social categories, combined with taxes and poor relief [Montesquieu]
Democracies may sometimes need to restrict equality [Montesquieu]
If you equalise possessions, people's talents will make them unequal again [Hume]
The pleasure of wealth and power is largely seeing others deprived of them [Rousseau]
No citizen should be rich enough to buy another, and none so poor as forced to sell himself [Rousseau]
It is a mark of extreme exploitation that the sufferers do not realise their plight [Williams,B]
Equality of opportunity unfairly rewards those lucky enough to have great ability [Singer]
Equal distribution is no good in a shortage, because there might be no one satisfied [Kekes]