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21. Aesthetics / B. Aesthetic Experience / 1. Beauty

[beauty as a quality in minds and objects]

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Beauty is merely animal without intelligence [Democritus]
Socrates despised good looks [Plato on Socrates]
What is fine is the parent of goodness [Plato]
What is fine is always difficult [Plato]
People who value beauty above virtue insult the soul by placing the body above it [Plato]
Beauty is the clearest and most lovely of the Forms [Plato]
If goodness involves moderation and proportion, then it seems to be found in beauty [Plato]
A soul which lacks understanding is ugly [Plato]
Love of ugliness is impossible [Plato]
Beauty and goodness are the same [Plato]
Beauty is harmony with what is divine, and ugliness is lack of such harmony [Plato]
Stage two is the realisation that beauty of soul is of more value than beauty of body [Plato]
Progress goes from physical beauty, to moral beauty, to the beauty of knowledge, and reaches absolute beauty [Plato]
We choose things for their fineness, their advantage, or for pleasure [Aristotle]
Nothing contrary to nature is beautiful [Aristotle]
Pentathletes look the most beautiful, because they combine speed and strength [Aristotle]
The beautiful is that from which nothing can be subtracted and to which nothing can be added [Alberti]
The most beautiful hand seen through the microscope will appear horrible [Spinoza]
Beauty increases with familiarity [Leibniz]
Leibniz identified beauty with intellectual perfection [Gardner on Leibniz]
The disinterested attitude of the judge is the hallmark of a judgement of beauty [Scruton on Shaftesbury]
Forget about beauty; just concentrate on the virtues of delicacy and discernment admired in critics [Scruton on Hume]
Without love, what use is beauty? [Rousseau]
Only rational beings can experience beauty [Grenon/Smith,B on Kant]
Kant saw beauty as a sort of disinterested pleasure, which has become separate from the good [Taylor,C on Kant]
Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws [Goethe]
Only self-illuminated perfect individuals are beautiful [Novalis]
A principal pleasure of the beautiful is that it momentarily silences the will [Schopenhauer]
Experiencing a thing as beautiful is to experience it wrongly [Nietzsche]
Beautiful never stands alone; it derives from man's pleasure in man [Nietzsche]
Beauty is neither objective nor subjective, but a power of producing certain mental events [Ross]
Consider: "Imagine this butterfly exactly as it is, but ugly instead of beautiful" [Wittgenstein]
Maybe 'beauty' is too loaded, and we should talk of fittingness or harmony [Scruton]
Natural beauty reassures us that the world is where we belong [Scruton]
Beauty shows us what we should want in order to achieve human fulfilment [Scruton]
Beauty is rationally founded, inviting meaning, comparison and self-reflection [Scruton]
The word 'beautiful', when deprived of context, is nearly contentless [Fogelin]