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25. Society / E. State Functions / 4. Education / b. Aims of education

[what educators should try to achieve]

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Successful education must go deep into the soul [Protagoras]
Intelligence is the result of rational teaching; true opinion can result from irrational persuasion [Plato]
A state is plural, and needs education to make it a community [Aristotle]
The aim of serious childhood play is the amusement of the complete adult [Aristotle]
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it [Aristotle]
In monarchies education ennobles people, and in despotisms it debases them [Montesquieu]
In raising a child we must think of his old age [Joubert]
We need individual opinions and conduct, and State education is a means to prevent that [Mill]
Don't crush girls with dull Gymnasium education, the way we have crushed boys! [Nietzsche]
It is a mark of our having ethical values that we aim to reproduce them in our children [Williams,B]