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27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 1. Relativity / a. Special relativity

[interconnections of mass, velocity and energy]

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Motion is not absolute, but consists in relation [Leibniz]
All motion is relative, so a single body cannot move [Berkeley]
Assume the speed of light is constant for all observers, and the laws of physics are the same [Einstein, by Farmelo]
The theory is 'special' because it sticks to observers moving straight, at constant speeds [Einstein, by Farmelo]
Special relativity won't determine a preferred frame, but we can pick one externally [Smart]
The electric and magnetic are tightly linked, and viewed according to your own motion [Close]
All motions are relative and ambiguous, but acceleration is the same in all inertial frames [Close]
Space itself can expand (and separate its contents) at faster than light speeds [Krauss]
The idea of simultaneity in Special Relativity is full of verificationist assumptions [Bourne]
Relativity denies simultaneity, so it needs past, present and future (unlike Presentism) [Bourne]