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25. Society / D. Political Doctrines / 5. Democracy / d. Representative democracy

[the people chose a small group to govern]

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It is wrong that a worthy officer of state should seek the office [Aristotle]
If you try to get elected, you should be permanently barred from seeking office [More,T]
The English are actually slaves in between elections [Rousseau]
Your representative owes you his judgement, and betrays you if he gives your opinion instead [Burke]
People can only participate in decisions in small communities, so representatives are needed [Mill]
When we seek our own 'freedom' we are just trying to avoid responsibility [Kierkegaard]
People like democracy because it means they can avoid power [Baudrillard]
Modern democracy is actually elective oligarchy [Watson]
In the 18th century democratic lots lost out to elections, that gave us a non-hereditary aristocracy [Reybrouck]
Representative elections were developed in order to avoid democracy [Reybrouck]
Representative should be either obedient, or sensible, or typical [Shorten]
There is 'mirror representation' when the institution statistically reflects the population [Shorten]
In a changed situation a Mandated Representative can't keep promises and fight for constituents [Shorten]