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23. Ethics / F. Existentialism / 3. Angst

[life permeated by insecurities and meaninglessness]

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If man considers himself as lost and imprisoned in the universe, he will be terrified [Pascal]
Irony is the response to conflicts of involvement and attachment [Schlegel,F, by Pinkard]
Anxiety is not a passing mood, but a response to human freedom [Kierkegaard, by Carlisle]
The ultimate in life is learning to be anxious in the right way [Kierkegaard]
Ultimate knowledge is being anxious in the right way [Kierkegaard]
Anxiety is staring into the yawning abyss of freedom [Kierkegaard]
The freedom of the subject means the collapse of moral certainty [Nietzsche, by Critchley]
The thought of suicide is a great reassurance on bad nights [Nietzsche]
Anxiety about death frees me to live my own life [Heidegger, by Wrathall]
Anxiety is the uncanniness felt when constantly fleeing from asserting one's own freedom [Heidegger, by Caputo]
Anxiety reveals the possibility and individuality of Dasein [Heidegger]
Fear concerns the world, but 'anguish' comes from confronting my self [Sartre]
Unlike other creatures, mankind seems lost in nature [Cioran]
We can only live because our imagination and memory are poor [Cioran]
Life is now more dreaded than death [Cioran]
If existence is absurd it can never have a meaning [Beauvoir]
Anxiety, nausea, guilt and absurdity shake us up, revealing our freedom and limits [Aho]