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22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / g. Fine deeds

[actions which are intrinsically admirable]

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Things are both good and fine by the same standard [Socrates, by Xenophon]
Niceratus learnt the whole of Homer by heart, as a guide to goodness [Xenophon]
A good person is bound to act well, and this brings happiness [Plato]
Oxen, horses and children cannot be happy, because they cannot perform fine deeds [Aristotle]
Good people enjoy virtuous action, just as musicians enjoy beautiful melodies [Aristotle]
Slaves can't be happy, because they lack freedom [Aristotle]
Fine things are worthless if they give no pleasure [Epicurus]
Stoicism was an elitist option to lead a beautiful life [Stoic school, by Foucault]
We get enormous pleasure from tales of noble actions [Nietzsche]
Why couldn't a person's life become a work of art? [Foucault]