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22. Metaethics / C. Ethics Foundations / 1. Nature of Ethics / e. Ethical cognitivism

[there is objective knowledge to be had about ethics]

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To God (though not to humans) all things are beautiful and good and just [Heraclitus]
Moral duties are as fundamental to the universe as the axioms of mathematics [Ross]
The beauty of a patch of colour might be the most important fact about it [Ross]
Morality is inescapable, in descriptive words such as 'dishonest', 'unjust' and 'uncharitable' [Foot]
All people need affection, cooperation, community and help in trouble [Foot]
Cognitivists think morals are discovered by reason [Flanagan]
Evil can't be an illusion, because then the illusion that there is evil would be evil [Le Poidevin]