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26. Natural Theory / A. Heart of Nature / 4. Pythagoreanism

[belief that numbers are the essence of reality]

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Pythagoreans say things imitate numbers, but Plato says things participate in numbers [Pythagoras ,by Aristotle]
For Pythagoreans the entire universe is made of numbers [Pythagoras ,by Aristotle]
Pythagoreans think mathematical principles are the principles of all of nature [Pythagoras ,by Aristotle]
Pythagoreans define timeliness, justice and marriage in terms of numbers [Pythagoras ,by Aristotle]
Everything must involve numbers, or it couldn't be thought about or known [Philolaus]
Harmony must pre-exist the cosmos, to bring the dissimilar sources together [Philolaus]
There is no falsehood in harmony and number, only in irrational things [Philolaus]
Pythagoreans say the whole universe is made of numbers [Aristotle]
The tektraktys (1+2+3+4=10) is the 'fount of ever-flowing nature' [Sext.Empiricus]
To understand the universe mathematics is essential [Galileo]
Minds unconsciously count vibration beats in music, and enjoy it when they coincide [Leibniz]
The basic relations of nature are musical [Novalis]