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22. Metaethics / C. Ethics Foundations / 2. Source of Ethics / a. Idealistic ethics

[ethics deriving from a few simple lofty concepts]

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The good cannot be expressed in words, but imprints itself upon the soul [Plato, by Celsus]
The supreme good is harmony of spirit [Seneca]
The most boring and dangerous of all errors is Plato's invention of pure spirit and goodness [Nietzsche]
The Open Question argument leads to anti-realism and the fact-value distinction [Boulter on Moore,GE]
Can learning to recognise a good friend help us to recognise a good watch? [MacIntyre on Moore,GE]
Moore cannot show why something being good gives us a reason for action [MacIntyre on Moore,GE]
The naturalistic fallacy claims that natural qualties can define 'good' [Moore,GE]