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21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 6. Art as Institution

[art only makes sense within a social institution]

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For Hegel the importance of art concerns the culture, not the individual [Hegel, by Eldridge]
A thing is only seen as art in an 'artworld', which has a theory and a history [Danto]
An ordinary object can be a work of art, but only if some theory of art supports it [Danto]
The traditional view is that knowledge of its genre to essential to appreciating literature [Wollheim]
Style can't be seen directly within a work, but appreciation needs a grasp of style [Wollheim]
The institutional theory says only a competent expert can decree something to be an art work [Dickie, by Gardner]
A work of art is an artifact created for the artworld [Dickie]
The 'institutional' theory says art is just something appropriately placed in the 'artworld' [Davies,S]