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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / h. Respect

[assigning value to the lives of others]

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Kantian respect is for humanity and reason (not from love or sympathy or solidarity) [Kant, by Sandel]
We can love without respect, and show respect without love [Kant]
Respect is purely negative (of not exalting oneself over others), and is thus a duty of Right [Kant]
Disrespect is using a person as a mere means to my own ends [Kant]
Respect is limiting our self-esteem by attending to the human dignity of other persons [Kant]
Love urges us to get closer to people, but respect to keep our distance [Kant]
We must respect the humanity even in a vicious criminal [Kant]
Teach youth to respect people who differ with them, not people who agree with them [Nietzsche]
Religious experience deserves the same respect as our other key experiences, and is best called 'holy' [Taylor,AE, by PG]
Individuals need creativity, reverence for others, and self-respect [Russell]
People lose their rights if they do not respect the rights of others [Ross]
To have respect for people, you must feel their claims, or their injustices, or hold them in awe [Taylor,C]
Equality of opportunity without equality of respect would create a very inhuman society [Williams,B]
Altruism is either emotional (where your interests are mine) or moral (where they are reasons for me) [Scruton]
We should respect the right of people to live in their own way, even if it is irrational [Swift]