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16. Persons / D. Continuity of the Self / 3. Reference of 'I'

[what the word 'I' is taken to refer to]

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For Kant the self is a purely formal idea, not a substance [Kant, by Lockwood]
The knot of the world is the use of 'I' to refer to both willing and knowing [Schopenhauer]
Forget the word 'I'; 'I' is performed by the intelligence of your body [Nietzsche]
'I' is a subject in 'I am in pain' and an object in 'I am bleeding' [Wittgenstein, by McGinn]
People use 'I' to refer to themselves, with the meaning of their own individual essence [Chisholm]
All human languages have an equivalent of the word 'I' [Lowe]
Maybe the word 'I' can only refer to persons [Merricks]