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16. Persons / D. Continuity of the Self / 7. Self and Thinking

[role, and necessity, of a self for thinking]

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It would seem that the thinking part is the individual self [Aristotle]
Since I only observe myself to be thinking, I conclude that that is my essence [Descartes]
I can exist without imagination and sensing, but they can't exist without me [Descartes]
For Descartes a person's essence is the mind because objects are perceived by mind, not senses [Descartes, by Feuerbach]
In thinking we shut ourselves off from other substances, showing our identity and separateness [Descartes]
Ideas are perceived by the mind, soul or self [Berkeley]
Thoughts change continually, but the self doesn't [Reid]
Mental representations would not be mine if they did not belong to a unified self-consciousness [Kant]