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16. Persons / F. Free Will / 2. Sources of Free Will

[what makes free will in humans possible]

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Epicurus showed that the swerve can give free motion in the atoms [Epicurus, by Diogenes of Oen.]
The actions of the mind are not determinate and passive, because atoms can swerve [Lucretius]
Rational natures require free will, in order to have power of judgement [Boethius]
People are only free if they are guided entirely by reason [Spinoza]
We shall never be able to comprehend how freedom is possible [Kant]
The manifest will in the world of phenomena has to conform to the laws of nature [Kant]
Freedom needs knowledge, the possibility of arbitrariness, and law [Jaspers]
Awareness of thought is a step beyond awareness of the world [Dennett]
Foreknowledge permits control [Dennett]