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28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 1. Ontological Proof

[proving God's existence from pure ideas]

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We couldn't discuss the non-existence of the One without knowledge of it [Plato]
Being is better than not-being [Aristotle]
Epicurus saw that gods must exist, because nature has imprinted them on human minds [Epicurus, by Cicero]
Rational is better than non-rational; the cosmos is supreme, so it is rational [Zeno of Citium]
It seems clear to me that we have an innate idea of the divine [Cicero]
Even a fool understands the concept of God, but he must accept that the concept needs real existence [Anselm, by PG]
To qualify as the correct concept, God cannot even be thought of as non-existent, and so God is necessary [Anselm, by PG]
A perfection must be independent and unlimited, and the necessary existence of Anselm's second proof gives this [Malcolm on Anselm]
The fool in Psalm 52 can only deny God's existence because he hasn't grasped the idea's full meaning [Anselm, by PG]
The requirement of necessary existence applies to the unique supreme idea, but not to an island [Anselm, by PG]
Only things with beginnings or ends or parts can be conceived of as non-existent [Anselm]
Necessary existence is a property which is uniquely part of God's essence [Descartes]
Possible existence is a perfection in the idea of a triangle [Descartes]
One idea leads to another, but there must be an initial idea that contains the reality of all the others [Descartes]
The idea of God in my mind is like the mark a craftsman puts on his work [Descartes]
Existence and God's essence are inseparable, like a valley and a mountain, or a triangle and its properties [Descartes]
I cannot think of a supremely perfect being without the supreme perfection of existence [Descartes]
Some things makes me conceive of it as a thing whose essence requires its existence [Spinoza]
Denial of God is denial that his essence involves existence, which is absurd [Spinoza]
God must necessarily exist, because no reason can be given for his non-existence [Spinoza]
The concept of an existing thing must contain more than the concept of a non-existing thing [Leibniz]
God alone (the Necessary Being) has the privilege that He must exist if He is possible [Leibniz]
God is the first reason of things; our experiences are contingent, and contain no necessity [Leibniz]
God's existence is either necessary or impossible [Leibniz, by Scruton]
We establish unification of the Ideal by the ontological proof, deriving being from abstraction of thinking [Hegel]
Hegel's entire philosophy is nothing but a monstrous amplification of the ontological proof [Schopenhauer on Hegel]
God's existence cannot be separated from essence and concept, which can only be thought as existing [Feuerbach]
Frege put forward an ontological argument for the existence of numbers [Frege, by Benardete,JA]
God's existence is either necessary or impossible, and no one has shown that the concept of God is contradictory [Malcolm, by PG]
A possible world contains a being of maximal greatness - which is existence in all worlds [Plantinga, by Davies,B]
In the ontological argument a full understanding of the concept of God implies a contradiction in 'There is no God' [Benardete,JA]
It seems that 'exists' could sometimes be a predicate [Crane]
The ontological proof of a necessary God ensures a reality external to the mind [Meillassoux]