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27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 4. Standard Model / c. Particle properties

[features found in various particles]

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Experiments show that fundamental particles of one type are identical [Farmelo]
The properties of a particle are determined by its quantum numbers and its mass [Martin,BR]
Eletrons don't literally 'spin', because they are point-like [Martin,BR]
Virtual particles surround any charged particle [Martin,BR]
Spin is a built-in ration of angular momentum [New Sci.]
Fermions, with spin , are antisocial, and cannot share quantum states [New Sci.]
Quarks have red, green or blue colour charge (akin to electric charge) [New Sci.]
Particles are spread out, with wave-like properties, and higher energy shortens the wavelength [New Sci.]
Spin is akin to rotation, and is easily measured in a magnetic field [New Sci.]
Quarks and leptons have a weak charge, for the weak force [Hesketh]