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28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / a. Cosmological Proof

[existence of nature proves God exists]

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Brahman is the Uncaused Cause [Anon (Upan)]
Self-movers are clearly superior to things moved, so they must initiate all movement [Plato, by PG]
There must be a soul to originate movement, which is presumably the soul that originates good rather than evil [Plato, by PG]
The motion of the sun is from a soul within it, or a soul touching it, or a supernatural force [Plato, by PG]
If matter wasn't everlasting, everything would have disappeared by now [Lucretius]
The power through which creation remains in existence and motion I call 'God' [Boethius]
If you assume that there must be a necessary being, you can't say which being has this quality [Kant on Aquinas]
First Way: movement is impossible without a First Mover [Aquinas, by PG]
Second Way: everything has a cause, and this can't go back to infinity, so there is a First Cause [Aquinas, by PG]
Third Way: if everything was contingent it would all have vanished by now, and it hasn't, so something must be necessary [Aquinas, by PG]
If nature and human will explain everything that happens, only God can explain those things [Aquinas, by PG]
We can't prove a first cause from our inability to grasp infinity [Descartes]
We exist, so there is Being, which requires eternal being [Locke]
Mechanics shows that all motion originates in other motion, so there is a Prime Mover [Leibniz]
The existence of God, and all metaphysics, follows from the Principle of Sufficient Reason [Leibniz]
Thought is caused by experience of the world, but the world is only caused by thought if it is linked to it [Hume, by PG]
To claim that motion is derived from intelligence is based on no evidence and explains nothing [Hume, by PG]
A chain of events requires a cause for the whole as well as the parts, yet the chain is just a sum of parts [Hume, by PG]
If something must be necessary so that something exists rather than nothing, why can't the universe be necessary? [Hume]
If you prove God cosmologically, by a regress in the sequences of causes, you can't abandon causes at the end [Kant]
To know if this world must have been created by God, we would need to know all other possible worlds [Kant]
A distinct cause of the universe can't be material (which would be part of the universe) [Davies,B]