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27. Natural Reality / A. Classical Physics / 1. Mechanics / b. Laws of motion

[basic principles constraining all movement]

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Galileo mathematised movement, and revealed its invariable component - acceleration [Galileo, by Meillassoux]
Descartes said there was conservation of 'quantity of motion' [Descartes, by Papineau]
Newton's Third Law implies the conservation of momentum [Newton, by Papineau]
Inertia rejects the Aristotelian idea of things having natural states, to which they return [Newton, by Alexander,P]
1: Bodies rest, or move in straight lines, unless acted on by forces [Newton]
3: All actions of bodies have an equal and opposite reaction [Newton]
2: Change of motion is proportional to the force [Newton]
Galileo refuted the Aristotelian theory that heavier objects fall faster [Okasha]
In modern physics the first and second laws of motion (unlike the third) fail at extremes [Ingthorsson]