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1. Philosophy / E. Nature of Metaphysics / 3. Metaphysical Systems

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It is still possible to largely accept Kant as a whole (where others must be dismantled) [Kant, by Gardner]
Human reason considers all knowledge as belonging to a possible system [Kant]
Reason has two separate objects, morality and freedom, and nature, which ultimately unite [Kant]
Philosophy aims to produce a priori an absolute and artistic world system [Novalis]
Plato has no system. Philosophy is the progression of a mind and development of thoughts [Schlegel,F]
For Hegel, things are incomplete, and contain external references in their own nature [Hegel, by Russell]
Metaphysics does not rest on facts, but on what we are inclined to believe [Peirce]
Super-ordinate disciplines give laws or principles; subordinate disciplines give concrete cases [Peirce, by Atkin]
Wanting a system in philosophy is a lack of integrity [Nietzsche]
A complete system is just a classification of the whole world's ingredients [James]
Philosophical systems are interesting, but we now need a more objective scientific philosophy [Russell]
Hegel's confusions over 'is' show how vast systems can be built on simple errors [Russell]
Philosophers sometimes neglect truth and distort facts to attain a nice system [Russell]
Great systems of philosophy are just brilliant tautologies [Cioran]
The greatest philosophers are methodical; it is what makes them great [Grice]
Any statement can be held true if we make enough adjustment to the rest of the system [Quine]
One system has properties, powers, events, similarity and substance [Shoemaker]
Metaphysics is the clarification of the ontological relationships between different areas of thought [Kim]
I tried to be unsystematic and piecemeal, but failed; my papers presuppose my other views [Lewis]
As coherence expands its interrelations become steadily tighter, culminating only in necessary truth [Dancy,J]
Without abstraction we couldn't think systematically [Heil]
Metaphysics aims to identify categories of being, and show their interdependency [Lowe]
Only Kant and Hegel have united nature, morals, politics, aesthetics and religion [Gardner]
Metaphysics aims at the essence of things, and a system to show how this explains other truths [Richardson]
Metaphysics needs systems, because analysis just obsesses over details [Richardson]
Metaphysics generalises the data, to get at the ontology [Richardson]
Metaphysics attempts to give an account of everything, in terms of categories and principles [Simons]
If you tore the metaphysics out of philosophy, the whole enterprise would collapse [Schaffer,J]
Early Romantics sought a plurality of systems, in a quest for freedom [Hösle]