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28. God / D. Proofs of Evidence / 2. Teleological Proof

[proving God's existence from natural order and harmony]

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Heraclitus says intelligence draws on divine reason [Heraclitus, by Sext.Empiricus]
Past, present and future, and the movements of the heavens, were arranged by Mind [Anaxagoras]
Soul must be the cause of all the opposites, such as good and evil or beauty and ugliness [Plato]
The universe is ordered and moves in perfect circles, showing that a good soul originated it [Plato, by PG]
An Order controls all things [Aristotle]
The world can't be arranged at all if there is nothing eternal and separate [Aristotle]
If tuneful flutes grew on olive trees, you would assume the olive had some knowledge of the flute [Zeno of Citium]
The ascending scale of living creatures requires a perfect being [Cleanthes, by Tieleman]
It is obvious from order that someone is in charge, as when we visit a gymnasium [Cicero]
If a person cannot feel the power of God when looking at the stars, they are probably incapable of feeling [Cicero]
If the barbarians of Britain saw a complex machine, they would be baffled, but would know it was designed [Cicero]
Chance is no more likely to create the world than spilling lots of letters is likely to create a famous poem [Cicero]
God's eternal power and deity are clearly seen in what has been created [Paul]
The regular events of this life could never be due to chance [Boethius]
True believers see that Allah made the night for rest and the day to give light [Mohammed]
Fifth Way: everything acts ignorantly to some end, so an intelligence must provide the end [Aquinas, by PG]
The elegance of the solar system requires a powerful intellect as designer [Newton]
If the universe is a perfect agreement of uncommunicating substances, there must be a common source [Leibniz]
All substances are in harmony, even though separate, so they must have one divine cause [Leibniz]
The laws of physics are wonderful evidence of an intelligent and free being [Leibniz]
It has been proved that creation is the workmanship of God, from its beauty and usefulness [Berkeley]
The thing which contains order must be God, so see God where you see order [Hume]
Design is obvious in a machine even if it is badly made or its function is baffling [Paley, by PG]
The world must have a designer, just as a watch does (with its obvious order and purpose) [Paley, by PG]
Design is seen in the way ideas match the world, in the mechanisms of evolution, and in values [Tennant,FR, by PG]
The universe exhibits design either in its sense of purpose, or in its regularity [Davies,B]