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[dividing a concept into component parts]

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Socrates began the quest for something universal with his definitions, but he didn't make them separate [Socrates, by Aristotle]
A speaker should be able to divide a subject, right down to the limits of divisibility [Plato]
Whenever you perceive a community of things, you should also hunt out differences in the group [Plato]
Either a syllable is its letters (making parts as knowable as whole) or it isn't (meaning it has no parts) [Plato]
Understanding mainly involves knowing the elements, not their combinations [Plato]
Begin examination with basics, and subdivide till you can go no further [Aristotle]
We should say nothing of the whole if our contact is with the parts [Epicurus, by Plutarch]
You cannot divide anything into many parts, because after the first division you are no longer dividing the original [Sext.Empiricus]
Resolve a complex into simple elements, then reconstruct the complex by using them [Hobbes, by MacIntyre]
Analysing right down to primitive concepts seems beyond our powers [Leibniz]