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15. Nature of Minds / C. Capacities of Minds / 10. Conatus/Striving

[basic inbuilt drive for survival and self-benefit]

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A 'conatus' is an initial motion, experienced by us as desire or aversion [Hobbes, by Arthur,R]
As far as possible, everything tries to persevere [Spinoza]
The conatus (striving) of mind and body together is appetite, which is the essence of man [Spinoza]
Our own force of persevering is nothing in comparison with external forces [Spinoza]
Active force is not just potential for action, since it involves a real effort or striving [Leibniz]
Volition automatically endeavours to move towards what it sees as good (and away from bad) [Leibniz]
Primitive forces are internal strivings of substances, acting according to their internal laws [Leibniz]
The ranking of a person's innermost drives reveals their true nature [Nietzsche]
We can cultivate our drives, of anger, pity, curiosity, vanity, like a gardener, with good or bad taste [Nietzsche]
Conatus is brain circuits seeking survival and well-being [Damasio]
Hobbes and Spinoza use 'conatus' to denote all endeavour for advantage in nature [Lord]