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22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / i. Successful function

[functioning well as a source of value]

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A well-made dung basket is fine, and a badly-made gold shield is base, because of function [Socrates, by Xenophon]
A thing's function is what it alone can do, or what it does better than other things [Plato]
If something has a function then it has a state of being good [Plato]
Each named function has a distinctive excellence attached to it [Aristotle]
Each thing that has a function is for the sake of that function [Aristotle]
A thing's active function is its end [Aristotle]
Being a good father seems to depend on intentions, rather than actual abilities [Foot]
The function of a heart depends on what we want it to do [Searle]