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24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 6. Liberalism / b. Liberal aims

[what liberalism hopes to achieve]

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We aim to understand the best possible community for free people [Aristotle]
An obvious idea is a constitution based on maximum mutual freedom for citizens [Kant]
A lawful civil state must embody freedom, equality and independence for its members [Kant]
Our aim is a constitution which combines maximum freedom with strong restraint [Kant]
Prevention of harm to others is the only justification for exercising power over people [Mill]
Liberalism should improve the system, and not just ameliorate it [Dewey]
Theoretical and practical politics are both concerned with the best lives for individuals [Russell]
Liberals focus on universal human freedom, natural rights, and tolerance [Scruton, by PG]
Classical liberalism seeks freedom of opinion, of private life, of expression, and of property [Micklethwait/Wooldridge]
Liberal equality concerns rights, and liberal freedom concerns choice of ends [Shorten]
Liberal Nationalism says welfare states and democracy needed a shared sense of nationality [Shorten]
Liberals promote community and well-being - because all good societies need them [Charvet]