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24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 6. Liberalism / d. Liberal principles

[principles and laws sought by liberals]

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Minority rights are everyone's rights, because we all have turns in the minority [Constant]
Liberals aim to allow individuals to realise their capacities [Dewey]
A legitimate system is one accepted as both impartial and reasonably partial [Nagel]
States can't enforce mutual aid on citizens, or interfere for their own good [Nozick]
Liberals take people as they are, and take their preferences to be their interests [Lukes]
Liberals say rights always come first, and justice is neutral on social values [Sandel]
Liberal citizens have a moral requirement to respect freedom and equality [Shorten]
Liberalism asserts maximum freedom, but that must be equal for all participants [Charvet]
Egalitarian liberals prefer equality (either of input or outcome) to liberty [Charvet]
Liberalism needs people to either have equal autonomy, or everyone to have enough autonomy [Charvet]
Over several centuries a set of eight main liberal values was established [Dunt]