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24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 6. Liberalism / f. Liberal problems

[difficulties for liberal theory]

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The creation of institutions needs a determination which is necessarily anti-liberal [Nietzsche]
Liberalism's weakness is its powerful rigid bureaucracy [Gramsci]
Rawls's account of justice relies on conventional fairness, avoiding all moral controversy [Gray on Rawls]
My Anarchy, State and Utopia neglected our formal social ties and concerns [Nozick on Nozick]
Autonomy favours present opinions over future ones, and says nothing about the interests of potential people [Glover]
If a whole community did not mind death, respect for autonomy suggests that you could kill them all [Glover]
Marxists say liberalism is unjust, because it allows exploitation in the sale of labour [Kymlicka]
Liberals are not too individualistic, because people recognise and value social relations [Kymlicka]
Can individualist theories justify an obligation to fight in a war? [Avineri/De-Shalit]
Liberalism may fail because it neglects the shared nature of what we pursue and protect [Haldane]
Liberals mistakenly think individuals choose their values, without reference to the community [Swift]
Liberalism should not make assumptions such as the value of choosing your own life plan [Shorten]
Laissez-faire liberalism failed to give people the protections and freedoms needed for a good life [Dunt]