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27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 1. Nature of Time / a. Absolute time

[time is a real and unchanging backdrop to nature]

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Stoics say time is incorporeal and self-sufficient; Epicurus says it is a property of properties of things [Epicurus]
Does time exist on its own? Did anything precede it? Did it pre-exist the cosmos? [Seneca]
Newton needs intervals of time, to define velocity and acceleration [Newton, by Le Poidevin]
Newton thought his laws of motion needed absolute time [Newton, by Bardon]
Time exists independently, and flows uniformly [Newton]
Absolute time, from its own nature, flows equably, without relation to anything external [Newton]
If space and time exist absolutely, we must assume the existence of two pointless non-entities [Kant]
If all empirical sensation of bodies is removed, space and time are still left [Kant]
Simultaneity can be temporal equidistance from the Big Bang [Ellis]
Relativity is as absolutist about space-time as Newton was about space [Coffa]
I believe the passing of time is a fundamental fact about the world [Maudlin]
Special Relativity allows an absolute past, future, elsewhere and simultaneity [Bourne]