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2. Reason / F. Fallacies / 1. Fallacy

[distinctive types of recurrent error in human reasoning]

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Induction assumes some uniformity in nature, or that in some respects the future is like the past [Ayer]
The Struthionic Fallacy is that of burying one's head in the sand [Quine]
It is a fallacy to explain the obscure with the even more obscure [Hale/Wright]
'Reification' occurs if we mistake a concept for a thing [Schaffer,J]
'Affirming the consequent' fallacy: φ→ψ, ψ, so φ [Hanna]
'Denying the antecedent' fallacy: φ→ψ, φ, so ψ [Hanna]
We can list at least fourteen informal fallacies [Hanna]
Fallacies are errors in reasoning, 'formal' if a clear rule is breached, and 'informal' if more general [PG]