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27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 2. Passage of Time / k. Temporal truths

[knowledge of truths of past and future]

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Past times can't exist anywhere, apart from in our memories [Hobbes]
The present cannot exist alone as a mere boundary; past and future truths are rendered meaningless [Dummett]
If the present could have diverse pasts, then past truths can't have present truthmakers [Le Poidevin]
How can a presentist explain an object's having existed? [Merricks]
Objects in the past, like Socrates, are more like imaginary objects than like remote spatial objects [Markosian]
People are mistaken when they think 'Socrates was a philosopher' says something [Markosian]
The past (unlike the future) is fixed, along with truths about it, by the existence of past objects [Baron/Miller]