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25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 1. Causing Death

[moral issues about terminating a life]

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Human killing is worse if the victim is virtuous [Buddhaghosa]
Killing a human, except as just punishment, is like killing all mankind [Mohammed]
Do not kill except for a just cause [Mohammed]
If someone's life is 'worth living', that gives one direct reason not to kill him [Glover]
Utilitarians object to killing directly (pain, and lost happiness), and to side-effects (loss to others, and precedents) [Glover]
What is wrong with killing someone, if another equally worthwhile life is substituted? [Glover]
The 'no trade-off' position: killing is only justified if it prevents other deaths [Glover]
Societies spend a lot to save known persons, but very little to reduce fatal accidents [Glover]
Man's life is sacred, because it is made in God's image [Johnson,P]