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16. Persons / F. Free Will / 7. Compatibilism

[free will is possible in a deterministic worlc]

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We should not refer things to irresponsible necessity, but either to fortune or to our own will [Epicurus]
Destiny is only a predisposing cause, not a sufficient cause [Chrysippus, by Plutarch]
Liberty and necessity are consistent, as when water freely flows, by necessity [Hobbes]
Liberty is a power of agents, so can't be an attribute of wills [Locke]
A man is free insofar as he can act according to his own preferences [Locke]
The will determines action, by what is seen as good, but it does not necessitate it [Leibniz]
Everything which happens is not necessary, but is certain after God chooses this universe [Leibniz]
Liberty is merely acting according to the will, which anyone can do if they are not in chains [Hume]
Hume makes determinism less rigid by removing the necessity from causation [Trusted on Hume]
In abstraction, beyond finitude, freedom and necessity must exist together [Hegel]
Determinism clashes with free will, as the past determines action, and is beyond our control [Inwagen, by Jackson]
Free will and determinism are incompatible, since determinism destroys human choice [Merricks]