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25. Society / C. Social Justice / 4. Social Equality / b. Political equality

[all citizens having equal rights to engage in politics]

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It is dreadful to neither give a share nor receive a share [Aristotle]
Faction is for inferiors to be equal, and equals to become superior [Aristotle]
The Heraeans replaced election with lot, to thwart campaigning [Aristotle]
Democracy is corrupted by lack of equality, or by extreme equality (between rulers and ruled) [Montesquieu]
All citizens are eligible for roles in the state, purely on the basis of merit [Mirabeau/committee]
Equality can only be established by equal rights for all (or no rights for anyone) [Tocqueville]
In modern society virtue is 'equal rights', but only because everyone is zero, so it is a sum of zeroes [Nietzsche]
Perfect political equality requires economic equality [Gramsci]
Democracy is opposed to equality, if the poor are not a majority [Nagel]
Equality nowadays is seen as political, social, legal and economic [Nagel]
Equality can either be defended as good for society, or as good for individual rights [Nagel]
Complex equality restricts equalities from spilling over, like money influencing politics and law [Walzer, by Tuckness/Wolf]
Equal opportunities seems fair, because your fate is from your choices, not your circumstances [Kymlicka]
Equal opportunity arbitrarily worries about social circumstances, but ignores talents [Kymlicka]
Political equality is not much use without social equality [Wolff,J]