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28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 3. Moral Argument

[proving God's existence from the existence of morality]

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Fourth Way: qualities with gradations (like goodness) depend on a maximum for that quality, so there is a supreme being [Aquinas, by PG]
God is not proved by reason, but is a postulate of moral thinking [Kant, by Davies,B]
We have to postulate something outside nature which makes happiness coincide with morality [Kant]
Belief in justice requires belief in a place for justice (heaven), a time (eternity), and a cause (God) [Kant, by PG]
Conduct is only reasonable or unreasonable if the world is governed by reason [Rashdall]
Absolute moral ideals can't exist in human minds or material things, so their acceptance implies a greater Mind [Rashdall, by PG]
God must be fit for worship, but worship abandons morally autonomy, but there is no God [Rachels, by Davies,B]