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13. Knowledge Criteria / E. Relativism / 4. Cultural relativism

[role of culture in shaping individual knowledge]

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Lydians prostitute their daughters to raise a dowery, but no Greek would marry such a girl [Anon (Diss)]
Thracians think tattooing adds to a girl's beauty, but elsewhere it is a punishment [Anon (Diss)]
Anything can be acceptable in some circumstances and unacceptable in others [Anon (Diss)]
With us it is shameful for men to wear earrings, but among Syrians it is considered noble [Sext.Empiricus]
Even if all known nations agree on a practice, there may be unknown nations which disagree [Sext.Empiricus]
For the proletariate, law, morality and religion are just expressions of bourgeois interests [Marx/Engels]
Morality becomes a problem when we compare many moralities [Nietzsche]
To proclaim cultural relativism is to thereby rise above it [Quine, by Newton-Smith]
You would have to be very morally lazy to ignore criticisms of your own culture [Nagel]
Relativism can be seen as about the rationality of different cultural traditions [MacIntyre, by Kusch]
Cultures have a common core of colour naming, based on three axes of colour pairs [Edelman/Tononi]
Classification is no longer held to be rooted in social institutions [Ellen]