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11. Knowledge Aims / C. Knowing Reality / 3. Idealism

[reality exists entirely as ideas in the mind]

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The world is just the illusion of an appearance [Anon (Dham)]
The sun is always bright; it doesn't become bright when it emerges [Plutarch]
A whole is just its parts, but there are no smallest parts, so only minds and perceptions exist [Leibniz]
Leibniz is an idealist insofar as the basic components of his universe are all mental [Leibniz, by Jolley]
Leibniz said dualism of mind and body is illusion, and there is only mind [Leibniz, by Martin/Barresi]
For Berkelely, reality is ideas and a community of minds, including God's [Berkeley, by Grayling]
'To be is to be perceived' is a simple confusion of experience with its objects [Russell on Berkeley]
There is no such thing as 'material substance' [Berkeley]
Time is measured by the succession of ideas in our minds [Berkeley]
I conceive a tree in my mind, but I cannot prove that its existence can be conceived outside a mind [Berkeley]
There is nothing in nature which needs the concept of matter to explain it [Berkeley]
Perceptions are ideas, and ideas exist in the mind, so objects only exist in the mind [Berkeley]
The 'esse' of objects is 'percipi', and they can only exist in minds [Berkeley]
The only substance is spirit, or that which perceives [Berkeley]
When I shut my eyes, the things I saw may still exist, but in another mind [Berkeley]
In Kantian idealism, objects fit understanding, not vice versa [Kant, by Feuerbach]
Kant's idealism is a limited idealism based on the viewpoint of empiricism [Kant]
We cannot know things in themselves, but are confined to appearances [Kant]
We have proved that bodies are appearances of the outer senses, not things in themselves [Kant]
I admit there are bodies outside us [Kant]
The absolute I divides into consciousness, and a world which is not-I [Fichte]
Being is Thought [Hegel]
The world only exists in relation to something else, as an idea of the one who conceives it [Schopenhauer]
Consciousness is absolute reality, and everything exists through consciousness [Feuerbach]
British Idealists said reality is a single Mind which experiences itself [Bradley, by Grayling]
'Idealism' says that everything which exists is in some sense mental [Russell]
Berkeley seems to have mistakenly thought that chairs are the same as after-images [Fodor]
Eliminative idealists say there are no objects; reductive idealists say objects exist as complex experiences [Dancy,J]
Idealism explains appearances by identifying appearances with reality [Heil]
While space may just be appearance, time and change can't be, because the appearances change [Lowe]
Strong idealism is the sort of mess produced by a Cartesian separation of mind and world [Rowlands]
German Idealism says our thinking and nature have the same rational structure [Bowie]
Unlike speculative idealism, transcendental idealism assumes the mind is embodied [Meillassoux]
There once was a man who said: 'God... [Sommers,W]
..But if he's a student of Berkeley... [Sommers,W]
The philosopher Berkeley once said.. [Sommers,W]
Dear Sir, Your astonishment's odd.... [Sommers,W]