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12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 5. Interpretation

[role of interpretation in a direct act of perception]

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Sensations cannot be judged, because similar sensations have equal value, and different ones have nothing in common [Epicurus, by Diog. Laertius]
Stoic perception is a presentation to which one voluntarily assents [Stoic school, by Stobaeus]
How can the intellect know if sensation is reliable if it doesn't directly see external objects? [Sext.Empiricus]
Why does pain make us sad? [Descartes]
If the body is affected by an external object, the mind can't help believing that the object exists [Spinoza]
Kant says the cognitive and sensory elements in experience can't be separated [Kant, by Dancy,J]
Hegel tried to avoid Kant's dualism of neutral intuitions and imposed concepts [Hegel, by Pinkard]
All perception is intellectual [Schopenhauer]
We see an approximation of a tree, not the full detail [Nietzsche]
Sense perceptions contain values (useful, so pleasant) [Nietzsche]
Pain shows the value of the damage, not what has been damaged [Nietzsche]
Perception is unconscious, and we are only conscious of processed perceptions [Nietzsche]
Perception goes straight to the fact, and not through the proposition [Russell]
Perceived objects always appear in a context [Heidegger]
Kant showed that our perceptions are partly constructed from our concepts [Reichenbach]
The mind does not unite perceptions, because they flow into one another [Merleau-Ponty]
Perception is a function of expectation [Searle]
The way in which colour experiences are evoked is physically odd and unpredictable [Goldman]
There is no pure Given, but it is cultured, rather than entirely relative [McDowell, by Macbeth]
Perception is first simple, then objectual (with concepts) and then propositional [Audi,R]
Sense organs don't discriminate; they reduce various inputs to the same electrical pulses [Carter,R]
The recognition sequence is: classify, name, locate, associate, feel [Carter,R, by PG]
We are unable to perceive a nose (on the back of a mask) as concave [Sorensen]
Research shows perceptual discrimination is sharper at category boundaries [Murphy]