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17. Mind and Body / B. Behaviourism / 2. Potential Behaviour

[mind as a collection of dispositions to behave]

13 ideas
Behaviour depends on desires as well as beliefs [Chalmers on Ryle]
You can't explain mind as dispositions, if they aren't real [Benardete,JA on Ryle]
You can't define real mental states in terms of behaviour that never happens [Geach]
Dispositions need mental terms to define them [Putnam]
The manifestations of a disposition need never actually exist [Armstrong]
Many sentences set up dispositions which are irrelevant to the meanings of the sentences [Cooper,DE]
Defining dispositions is circular [Harman]
Are dispositions real, or just a type of explanation? [Kim]
Dispositions are second-order properties, the property of having some property [Jackson/Pargetter/Prior, by Armstrong]
Behaviour requires knowledge as well as dispositions [Block]
In 'holistic' behaviourism we say a mental state is a complex of many dispositions [Kirk,R]
Disposition is a fundamental feature of reality, since basic particles are capable of endless possible interactions [Heil]
Dispositions say what we will do, not what we ought to do, so can't explain normativity [Miller,A]