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22. Metaethics / C. Ethics Foundations / 2. Source of Ethics / f. ‹bermensch

[moral visionaries as the source of ethical systems]

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Plato found that he could only enforce rational moral justification by creating an authoritarian society [Williams,B on Plato]
For the great-souled man it is sometimes better to be dead [Aristotle]
Christianity is at war with the higher type of man, and excommunicates his basic instincts [Nietzsche]
Noble people see themselves as the determiners of values [Nietzsche]
Higher human beings see and hear far more than others, and do it more thoughtfully [Nietzsche]
The concept of 'good' was created by aristocrats to describe their own actions [Nietzsche]
Originally it was the rulers who requited good for good and evil for evil who were called 'good' [Nietzsche]
There is an extended logic to a great man's life, achieved by a sustained will [Nietzsche]
The highest man can endure and control the greatest combination of powerful drives [Nietzsche]
The highest man directs the values of the highest natures over millenia [Nietzsche]
The superman is a monstrous oddity, not a serious idea [MacIntyre on Nietzsche]
Nietzsche's higher type of man is much more important than the idealised 'superman' [Nietzsche, by Leiter]
The noble man wants new virtues; the good man preserves what is old [Nietzsche]